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We provide a full range of professional risks insurance, ranging from Professional Indemnity to Directors & Officers to Employment Practice Cover.

Unlike the usual risks faced by a business, namely fire, theft or flood where you can make your own risk assessment on what cover you wish to buy insurance, the 'Management' risks you face are more difficult to assess and potentially are more devastating to a business.

For instance, if you or your business works in an advisory capacity to others, it is highly likely you need or certainly should consider professional indemnity cover to protect your assets against wrongful advice, errors or omissions. As an example, if you provide advice to a third party and that advice is 'flawed' and causes financial loss, Professional Indemnity insurance can indemnify you against costs incurred including legals fees.

We are trusted to arrange Professional Indemnity & Employment Practice cover for a wide range of industries from Solicitors, and IT Consultancies, Accountants and Surveyors to name a few.

Our experienced risk managers play a vital role in our clients risk management operation, and our clients are always happy that we provide some of the most competitive policies on the market.

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